About Vikon

Established in 2005 by Mat Bone, Vikon possesses a strong reputation in Geelong for quality and reliable service and has been contracted for major projects Australia-wide. Providing rock drilling, directional drilling and non-destructive digging services to the surrounding regions of Melbourne, Ballarat and Colac, Vikon is equipped to undertake projects of any size that require ecologically and environmentally sensitive underground drilling techniques and vac trucks.

With a focus on horizontal directional drilling – a trenchless underground boring technology – we facilitate the installation of underground utilities in the presence of rivers and creeks, roads and driveways, rail tracks and environmentally sensitive areas. Utilising non-destructive digging, horizontal directional drilling and vacuum excavation we can create long and short distance bores of large or small diameter. The ability to create single or multiple conduit installations allows us to provide exactly the access that you require for your underground services project.

Specialising in the expert field of non-destructive digging, Vikon can help you complete your underground projects without damaging hidden underground utilities or disturbing the above ground surroundings. Our fleet of specialised sucker trucks are ready for any job Australia wide.

Our technically qualified and accredited staff members facilitate our commitment to a high-quality product. Vikon staff are rail accredited, Approved Locators, Accredited Spotters, hold Red/White Cards and are First Aid Level 2 Certified.

Choose Vikon for reliable, experienced underground drilling and vac truck operators and equipment. Our installations are of the highest quality and minimise impact on the surrounding infrastructure and environment. Contact us to discuss how Vikon’s non-destructive digging will benefit your project.