Non-Destructive Digging Geelong

Vikon provide highly experienced non-destructive digging services to clients in Geelong that get the job done with minimal impact to your infrastructure project. Our qualified operaters use trenchless techniques to facilitate installation or replacement of conduits, pipelines and various underground utilities around sensitive environments or assets. Essentially, we safely excavate materials and debris without risk to your underlying structures.

Non-destructive digging (NDD) is a service that is highly valuable for various projects across metro and rural areas of the Geelong region, including commercial and industrial jobs such as telecommunication line maintenance, gas, rail, power, water and sewer operations. When there is a risk of a hazard occurring as a result of damage to underground assets, NND becomes an essential part of your project.

In place of destructive digging methods such as mechanical digging, NND uses water or air to excavate materials, making it a much safer, precise and efficient service that requires far less restoration and saves your project time and money. NND can also be conducted from a distance, up to 80m away, and doesn’t require any permits to be conducted.

When it comes to non-destructive digging in Geelong, we are the professionals to call. Our fleet of top of the line vacuum trucks and vast experience in this sector ensures that projects run to time and budget allowing you to locate and prove assets. We carry out each and every project with the highest levels of professionalism and ensure that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

To learn more about Vikon’s non-destructive digging (NDD) services suitable for a wide variety of projects across Geelong and surrounding areas, please get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today on 0467 155 502. We also provide clients with directional digging in Geelong, conducted with either clay or rock machines.